How Our Trips Work

How Our Trips Work

Membership Required

Membership with OUTSLOPES is required to participate in any of our trips or activities. Membership is FREE, however participation in some trips and activities require a premium paid level of membership.  The advantages of paid premium membership can sometimes be realized after participating in as few as one trip.

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What we offer

OUTSLOPES is a member based ski & snowboard experience company geared towards creating exciting and inclusive ski & snowboard experiences for the LGBT community and allies.

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Insure Yourself

Whenever you're traveling away from home, always purchase and carry travel insurance.  At bare minimum ensure you have Travel Health Insurance.  Even if you live in Canada and are traveling domestically, provincial health cards do not necessarily cover everything when you are out of your home province.


While no one intends on getting hurt, the reality is, the sport of skiing/snowboarding has inherent risks which are greater than that of normal daily activity.  Accidents happen.  Be prepared.



OUTSLOPES is based in the province of Ontario, Canada.  We are not (yet anyway) TICO Licensed, as a result provincial regulations prohibit us from actually selling any travel related product at this time.

Our focus is on the experience at the destination.  We focus on creating an easy way for you to engage with others in the LGBT Ski & Snowboard community by organizing group trips to ski hills and resorts around the world.

We tell you where our group is going to be and when.  We organize fun itineraries for while you're there.  And give you all the information about where others are staying, suggestions on how to get there, and help link you up with other members.

You are responsible for booking your all your own travel and accommodations.  We'll provide some links to options for booking, but you need to book it yourself.


Membership has its advantages

  • For many trips we negotiate special rates, giving OUTSLOPES members access to promo codes necessary for securing these exclusive rates with our preferred service provider partners.
  • For some trips we work with other licensed travel agencies to provide full packages you can buy from them (and provide you the link and codes necessary to access these packages).
  • For many local day trips, we secure group discount rates for lift tickets, or negotiate special access to clubs not available to the public.

Depending on the type of trip, we offer a variety of different options while on-site.


Types of Trips

There are a number of different types of trips and activities that OUTSLOPES offers.

Local Day Trips

OUTSLOPES member clubs or chapters organize a full calendar of regular day trips to hills or resorts within their area.  Based primarily off car-pooling, and depending on the hill or resort the club is visiting, these trips may have restrictions on participant count.

Local Day Trips are designed for local members, but as a member of OUTSLOPES, if you're visiting the area,  you're always welcome to join a Local Day Trip.  Just be sure to check that your membership level allows you to participate in that particular trip as some have restrictions based on the hill they may be going to.  (This is easy, when logged into our site, if you're given the option to register, you're good to go.  If you're not, you'll be given the option to upgrade your membership so you can participate.)

For some hills OUTSLOPES may have special member only pricing for lift tickets that can be purchased in advance on the trip page.

Member led, these trips are about enjoying a day on the slopes with an amazing and social group of people.

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Member Led Out of Town Trips

OUTSLOPES member clubs or chapters regularly have members heading to resorts all over the world.  These volunteer member led trips allow an opportunity for traveling as a smaller more intimate group, and enjoying a unique, less structured ski/snowboard trip experience.

Many of these trips are to areas near another local club or chapter.  While the out-of-towners enjoy a few days at the resort or in the area, other local club members are welcome to join for the day, as part of their own local day trip.  This can help build and unite our growing community, as well as give you special insights into the area only locals would know about.

We provide you with all the trip details, where you're going, where others are planning to stay, and help coordinate travel plans for getting there and home.

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Festival Trips

There are a number of Gay Ski Week(end) festivals around the world.  Many like to make a trip to at least one Gay Ski Festival as part of their season itinerary, but they're all very different in vibe and feel.  We list these in our calendar along with information and reviews of the festival from other members who may have attended previously to help you find the one that's the best fit for your own personal style and experience desires.

You do not need to be a member to participate and attend these trips, however at some festivals there may be OUTSLOPES Exclusive events, dinners, or discounts that are only open to members.

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OUTSLOPES Adventures

More formally organized trips, OUTSLOPES Adventures are group trips to destinations across North America that come fully organized.  This takes most of the work out of you having to plan your own experience.  Led by OUTSLOPES Reps, these trips have a fully schedule itinerary with a variety of different events and activities during the trip, all geared towards being social and having a great time.

Perfect for the single traveler or couple who's looking for an amazing group experience.

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Partner Trips

Similar to OUTSLOPES Adventures, Partner Trips are fully organized group trips around the world.  These trips are operated and sold by other ski and travel organizations and are made available to our members through special deals we've made with the tour operator.

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