Amended Aug 23, 2016 to include "travel policy" and "assumption of acceptance".
Amended Jan 09, 2018 to include "No Show / Late Cancellation" and "Day Trip Waitlist Policy"

Assumption of Acceptance

By becoming a member, registering for an event/activity/trip, buying a product/service/ticket, or otherwise participating in any OUTSLOPES event/activity/trip, you are agreeing to be bound by these policies, terms, and conditions.


Membership Required

OUTSLOPES is a members only organization.  All of our packages, trips, activities, etc are open to members only.  The only exception to this are some outreach events and activities that are clearly published as "Public" events.  While Membership is FREE, some trips, activities or events may require an increased paid premium level of membership.

In order to participate in any OUTSLOPES trip, event or activity you must be a member in good standing of the membership level required for that particular trip, event or activity.

"Member in good standing" means any membership fees for that annual period are paid and up to date, and that your membership is not currently restricted, suspended, or revoked for any violation of the OUTSLOPES Code of Conduct, or of OUTSLOPES Policies.


Paid Memberships

Paid memberships are based on an annual renewal. Any failure to renew will result in an automatic reduction in your membership level until such time you upgrade again.


Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement

By becoming a member, purchasing a ticket, pass, package or registering for a trip or by participating in any activity or event, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Release Agreement.

Your Safety is YOUR responsibility.


Third Party Policies

Many of our events, activities and services are provided by third parties.  It is your responsibility to be familiar with their terms, conditions and policies as well.  Participation in these activities bind you to their respective policies.


Alpine Responsibility Code

While participating in any ski or snowboard related activity, you are required at all times to be familiar with and follow the alpine responsibility code.


Disclosure of Intent

OUTSLOPES provides and maintains membership and management services with regard to the coordination of ski/snowboard trips, experiences, activities, etc.  Neither OUTSLOPES nor any of our member clubs are a travel agency.  We do not sell or offer any travel related product.  We do however provide information about travel products that our partners offer and sell, and links directed to these same partners and suppliers, for information and illustrative purposes only.  While every attempt is made to keep information current and accurate, neither OUTSLOPES nor any of our member clubs can be held responsible for any misrepresentation of a product or service.  Always check directly with the service or product supplier you are purchasing from for full details and information.

Neither OUTSLOPES nor our member clubs own payment processing processing systems.  All sales for any product or service are handled either directly by our suppliers or partners, or through our online third party payment systems (eg PayPal).  We will never see your payment details, nor have them stored on any of our servers.  We are not responsible for any personal information you provide these suppliers or services.  It is recommended that you refer to the individual privacy policies as terms & conditions pages of whichever site you are directed to when actually making a purchase.


Disclosure of Third Party Data Collection/Sharing

Some of your personal information will be shared between OUTSLOPES and member club representatives, third party partners or service providers for the purposes of coordination and execution of our trips and activities.  This information is to be used only for the purposes of our trips.  We receive name, contact information, and room assignment from our accommodations and travel partners.  We receive participant name and contact information from third party event and activity partners.  We receive ALL information you provide during ticket or pass purchase with the exception of your payment details.  Any information we receive we may use to contact you with information relevant to our operations and activities.  We will not sell your contact information to anyone.  We endeavour to protect your contact information through contractual agreements we bind those we share your information with to adhere to our privacy policies, however OUTSLOPES cannot be held responsible for any breach of contract on the part of said parties.


Registering on behalf of someone else

At this time each member must register themselves for any trip.  A member cannot register another member or purchase any tickets or passes on behalf of another member.

*This Policy is expected to change in the future to make life easier for you, our members*


Registration Transfer

At this time, Registration for any trip cannot be transferred to another member.

For trips/registrations with no associated fee, you may log into your account and cancel your registration.

For trips/registrations with an associated fee, please refer to our refund policy.

*This policy is expected to change in the future to make life easier for you, our members*


Travel Policy

OUTSLOPES is not a travel agency (yet).  As we are based out of the province of Ontario, Canada, we are governed by the laws and regulations of that province, which prohibit us from selling travel related products (i.e. flights, hotel rooms, etc) and restricted in what and how we can advertise travel products and packages.

This means that while we organize trips for our group members, we can only coordinate and organize the events and activities once you're there.

While we may provide suggestions on where to stay or how to get somewhere, this is for informational and illustrative purposes only.

When we say something like "We will be staying at..." this means this is where the trip leader/coordinator or OUTSLOPES staff will be staying.  While it may be easiest for everyone in the group to stay in the same location, you are under no obligation to do so, and can stay wherever you prefer.

While every attempt is made to provide accurate information, we assume no responsibility for any errors or misrepresentations. It is your responsibility to make your own decisions, and make your own bookings for travel either directly with the provider, or with a reputable travel agency of your own choosing.  ALWAYS check directly with the supplier/service provider, and be aware of the terms, conditions, and regulations of the provider you are booking with.

Travel Insurance

Things happen while traveling.  Weather, accidents, supplier mistakes, lost luggage, etc. Especially with the increased risks involved with the sports of skiing/snowboarding, plus ski travel, we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance for each and every trip you participate in (with us, on your own, with others) to insure you are protected.

Remember that even within the same country, but out of province/state, provincial/state medical plans may not cover everything you think they do.

OUTSLOPES assumes no responsibility for any issues you may encounter while traveling or participating in any of our trips.

*This policy is expected to change in the future to make life easier for you, our members*



Trip Crashing Policy

We know, our trips are fun.  We realize that impulsive scenarios happen, and also that there's some people who just don't want to pay for membership.

We try to be as inclusive and accommodating as possible... but the reality is, many of our trips have special considerations built in based on our per-registered group numbers, or may have limitations on group size.  We may have had to turn away another member who would have otherwise signed up.  Even when that's not the case, there's planning and organizing that has to go into trips that based on numbers.  It's unfair to permit others to join at the last minute.  So we reserve the right to enforce a "No Crashing" policy to keep things manageable and fair.


But what happens if it was unintentional and I run into an OUTSLOPES Group at a hill/resort?

Hey, it happens.  New people find us.  Members happen to be at a hill and for whatever reason didn't know we were going to be there.  Etc.  We are a fun, open, inviting and inclusive group, so here's how that's going to break down:

We'll let you join the group for part or all of the trip provided:

  • You are a member in good standing of the membership level required for that trip.
  • You get yourself there and home.
  • The trip has space open.
  • The trip doesn't have an associated cost or fee (you know... that everyone else paid.)


If you're a member

We're going to pay attention... if you make a habit of crashing trips, we're going to enforce our trip-crashing policy and ban you from participating.


If you're not a member

We have a "Membership Required" policy that just isn't negotiable.  However... we all have smartphones.  You can sign-up on the spot and become a member.  It's free (assuming that trip is open to the free membership level, if not, simply purchase the membership level required for that trip).

Why such sticklers on this? It boils down to a whole lot of reasons... the most basic of which is, everyone else is a member, so it's only fair.


But I am a member... I just want to bring a friend

That's HIGHLY encouraged... but don't make them into a Trip-Crasher.  They need to join and register like everyone else.


No Show / Late Cancellation Policy

Many of our trips have limits on the number of members that can participate.  In Southern Ontario for example, we are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to ski at Ontario's private ski clubs (Osler Bluff, Craigleith, Alpine, Beaver Valley, Devil's Glen and Georgian Peaks).  Our executive has worked very hard to foster our relationships with these clubs, allowing us access on weekends.

As guests of these clubs, we are limited to the number of members we can bring on any given day, and names must be submitted to the club prior to our arrival.

We rely heavily on the kindness of drivers, and carpooling, to get members to all of our trips.  As a result, many trips are limited by the number of seats available to get members to a ski hill.

In all cases, a member failing to show up, or canceling last minute, means that a spot that another member could have enjoyed has been forfeited.

If your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible.  No Shows and Late Cancellations will now be met with a demerit point system, dolled out at the exclusive discretion of trip leaders, and OUTSLOPES Executive and management. Too many infractions, or more sever infractions (for example being a no-show on a sold out private club trip), will result in suspension or termination of your OUTSLOPES Membership, without refund.

Respect the club, the organization, the trip leaders and coordinators, and fellow members, don't be a no-show.  Schedules change, we get that, so let us know in enough time that we can fill your spot with someone from the wait list.


Day Trip Waitlist Policy

Day-trips that are sold out will have 5 spaces open for registration on the waiting list.

Only Black Diamond Members can register on the waiting list and any email requests to be added to the waiting list will be discarded.

If cancellations arise, in order to accommodate people as easily as possible, priority may be given to members who can offer a ride or at least can make their own way to the hill (members requiring a ride can also register on the waiting list knowing that chances of obtaining a spot are limited). Members will be notified if spaces become available.


Refund Policy

After payment has been processed, all purchases are 100% non-refundable. Cancellations due to medical and/or other related emergency may be eligible for a partial refund with a valid medical certificate.

Merchandise may not be returned.

Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

*As OUTSLOPES evolves to offer more products and services this policy is expected to evolve as well*



The name on your ticket or pass must match that on your valid government issued photo I.D.  Please have I.D. ready for inspection.


Right of Admittance Reserved (ROAR)

Ticket or pass purchase does not guarantee entry/participation at any event.

We reserve the right to:

      • Search person and property for banned items or substances.  At the discretion of the security officer conducting the search, the option may be given to surrender the item or substance to be disposed of (not returned), or entry may be denied.
      • Hold, delay, restrict, or refuse entry due to capacity restrictions.
      • Refuse entry/participation to any person deemed intoxicated, under the influence of any drugs, or considered a general disturbance or security risk.
      • Eject any person deemed intoxicated, under the influence of any drugs, or considered a general disturbance or security risk.
      • In the case of age-restricted events/activities/trips; refuse entry/participation or eject anyone deemed to be under the age of restriction.
      • Refuse entry for dress deemed inapproriate or in violation of the policy of any particular trip/event/activity.  Failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave and change, then return.

All decisions are at the sole discretion of OUTSLOPES staff or official representatives, event/trip/activity organizers, security staff, or venue staff, and are final and without refund.

In the event of disturbance, threat or violation of law, the violator may be detained and turned over to police for investigation and/or prosecution.


Age Restriction

Some trips/events/activities are age restricted.  It is your responsibility to know if this is the case before purchasing a ticket or pass for an event.

Where events/activities are being held at licensed venues where alcohol is served, the legal age of majority for the jurisdiction in which the event/activity is being held will serve as an automatic minimum age restriction, however, we reserve the right to set age restriction levels at any point for whatever reason, in which case that will be the age of restriction for that trip/activity/event.

In the case of age restricted trip/events/activities, please have valid government issued photo I.D. for inspection.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in denied entry or expulsion from an event without refund.  Those found in the possession of a "fake I.D." may be turned over to police for possible criminal prosecution.

In the case of "Youth" events, those deemed at the sole discretion of OUTSLOPES staff or official representatives, event/trip/activity organizers, security staff, or venue staff or police to be over the age of restriction will be denied entry or ejected from the event without refund unless they can provide proof of age.
Exception: Parent or guardian of a youth participant who is attending the event.

See also: Service of Alcohol to Minors


Solicitation of Minors - ZERO TOLERANCE

Do we really need to talk about this one?  Some trips/events/activities are "all ages".  Anyone found in violation of applicable age of consent laws for the jurisdiction in which the event is being held will be immediately turned over to law enforcement (eg Police).  This is the law... not a policy.

Further to this, in the case of an trip/event/activity that is being held in a jurisdiction that has local laws that are less stringent than that of where the member is from, or of the Province of Ontario, Canada where OUTSLOPES is based, the laws of the country or region of residence, or the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada, whichever are the most strict, have the highest age of consent, shall be deemed the minimum acceptable behaviour of an OUTSLOPES member or trip/activity/event participant.  Where applicable (some regions' have laws that dictate the conduct of residents/citizens even when outside their jurisdiction) a violator will be reported to or turned over to the appropriate authorities.  In any case, a violation of this policy will result in an immediate cancellation of OUTSLOPES membership, and the violator will be banned from future membership, or from future participation in any OUTSLOPES trip/event/activity.


Supplying Alcohol to Minors - ZERO TOLERANCE

While you may have friends with you under the legal drinking age of a jurisdiction, and want to show them a good time, the service of alcohol to minors is prohibited by law, and puts at risk not just you, but the venue, establishment, resort, and OUTSLOPES and other members as well.  There is a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding the service of alcohol to minors.  We have to be very serious about this one, anyone found serving alcohol to minors at ANY time (even during a non-official event/activity, eg in your hotel room) will immediately have their membership suspended, and turned over to police for possible criminal prosecution.

This policy is based on the laws regarding the service of alcohol to minors of the jurisdiction in which a trip/event/activity is happening.


Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

For the enjoyment of yourself and others attending the festival, please drink responsibly.  Know your limits and stay within them.  Anyone deemed to be intoxicated may be denied entry, refused service, or ejected.  Such determinations will be made at the sole discretion of OUTSLOPES staff or official representatives, trip/event/activity organizers, venue staff, security, or police.  All decisions are final and without appeal or refund.  Failure to comply with the decision made may result in a membership suspension or cancellation, and/or ban from all future events, or possible criminal prosecution.



OUTSLOPES encourages a healthy active lifestyle in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.  As such, all trips/events/activities are a drug free zone.  Any person found in possession of, or deemed under the influence of any narcotics at any time will be refused entry, or immediately ejected, and face membership suspension or cancellation and may be banned from any future trips/events/activities.  Such determinations will be made at the sole discretion of OUTSLOPES staff or official representatives, trip/event/activity organizers, venue or resort staff, security, or police.  All decisions are final and without appeal or refund, and may result in possible criminal prosecution.


Marijuana Exception

Some jurisdictions around the world have relaxed laws regarding the possession and/or use of, or have legalized the possession and/or use of marijuana.  In the case of marijuana, the local laws of the jurisdiction with regard to the possession, use of, or control of marijuana in which a trip/event/activity are happening will be those used as the basis for the enforcement of this policy.



Please follow the laws/bylaws/policies of the venue or jurisdiction in which a trip/event/activity is happening.  Anyone found in violation of local law/policy, or in an otherwise smoking restricted area will be immediately ejected from the event/activity without refund, and may face membership suspension or restriction.


The Customer is NOT always right

To put it bluntly, we are more concerned about maintaining the atmosphere and enjoyment of all our members.  The needs of the many outweigh the desires of the individual.  If everyone else can adhere to the policies and rules, act with respect, and be a generally decent human being; you can too.



OUTSLOPES is registered and based in the Province of Ontario, Canada.



We reserve the right to add to or change these terms and polices at anytime without notice.

It's all about creating a fun, positive and safe environment for all to enjoy.


Alpine Responsibility Code

OUTSLOPES Code of Conduct

Release Agreement