OUTSLOPES Code of Conduct


Beyond the Alpine Responsibility Code, all those skiing or riding with OUTSLOPES are required to adhere to the OUTSLOPES Code of Conduct.

OUTSLOPES is a member based organization dedicated to providing inclusive, fun, friendly and positive ski/snowboard lifestyle experiences for the LGBT community.  We depends on the support and cooperation of our members to provide an outstanding skiing/snowboarding experience for others, and to represent our collective image as a community to others in a positive manner.

When becoming a member of OUTSLOPES, all members are expected to fully comply with this code of conduct.


Adhere to the Alpine Responsibility Code at ALL TIMES

The sport of skiing/snowboarding has inherent risks to you and to others. Behave in a responsible and safe manner. All members or guests taking part in OUTSLOPES trips and activities are expected to adhere to the Alpine Responsibility Code and beyond that, to follow the rules and regulations of the venues where events are held and to respect the authority of the ski patrol and other officials of these venues.

Always ski/ride safely.  Do not yourself, nor encourage others to do things that are beyond their level of comfort or skill.  If you see someone being, or encouraging someone else to be unsafe, speak up.


Treat Others with Respect

OUTSLOPES is a member based organization with a primarily LGBT focused membership.  As an already marginalized and discriminated against community, we do not need more within our community itself.  It doesn't matter if they are a member, organizer, mountain staff, or another guest at the mountain, treat everyone with respect and dignity always.  Everyone is just out trying to have a good time and enjoy what winter has to offer.  People should be encouraged, never torn-down.  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  Period.

We have zero-tolerance for discrimination or bullying of any kind by our members.


Respect Trip Leaders / Organizers

Most OUTSLOPES trips and activities are organized by volunteers of our local member clubs.  These people work on their own time without compensation to plan, organize and conduct the on-mountain events and social activities enjoyed by our members. They do their best to meet the expectations of all members, but they cannot guarantee that problems or mistakes will not occur. When that happens we expect our members to understand and act respectfully while a solution is sought.


When Issues Arise

Do not take these issues on yourself.  While we appreciate that you may want to either stand up for yourself, or try to not put more pressure on trip leaders/volunteers, it's actually not helpful.

Should you experience any issues while on an OUTSLOPES trip, or during an event, including problems with the resort or mountain, guest services, accommodations, other members, or anything else, please bring your concerns to the attention of the trip leader and/or to OUTSLOPES Management.

We have a number of different relationships throughout our network that we either need to maintain, or leverage to do our best to resolve or address your issue(s) without damaging said relationships for the enjoyment of everyone else.



Local member clubs are generally volunteer organizations.  Help is always welcome and appreciated.  Please speak to a Board member or representative of your local member club about how you may help the organization.

Alternatively, if you're interested in starting a new club in your area, contact us and we can help.


Members who violate this code of conduct are subject to suspension or termination of their membership without refund.

OUTSLOPES reserves the right to change the "Code of Conduct" and any of our policies at any time without notice.


Alpine Responsibility Code


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