About Us

OUTSLOPES was created out of a collective passion for loving, living, and experiencing the Ski and Snowboard lifestyle, while being aware of and bridging the gap to the unique needs of the LGBT community.

We work to unite and provide efficiencies for a network of local LGBT ski and snowboard clubs across the country.  These clubs are usually volunteer led, putting tremendous workloads and pressures on just a few individuals.  OUTSLOPES helps ease those burdens, allowing local clubs to focus on building and growing, while we take care of the back end work.  Local clubs can focus on local day trips to area ski hills, while we help unite all member clubs with a calendar of larger travel trips, where members from across the country can join together for fun, relaxing, and exciting organized trips, as well as experience some of the many amazing Gay Ski Week(end) festivals the world has to offer.

We cater more to the experience seeker, with a focus on social interaction, and more affordable traveler.  Those looking to experience good times on fun ski trips, and to existing ski festivals, with friends.

Becoming a member helps connect you to a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy a recreational time out on the slopes.

We work hard with the resorts we go to, and properties we stay at so that they understand the needs of our members, but we can't control other guests, and 3rd party staff.  While becoming increasingly more rare, we know that homophobia is still rampant out there in the nasty world.  Being part of a group can help with both safety, comfort, and enhance the enjoyment of your ski experiences.  On our formally organized trips, OUTSLOPES staff are always on-site ready to assist and address any issues you may have.

Likewise we are always working hard to build and grow ourselves so that we can bring you more services, and enhance your travel experiences.

Many of our trips as a club involve travel.  OUTSLOPES is based out of Ontario, Canada.  As such we are subject to the laws and regulations of the province.  These include many regulations regarding the promotion and sale of travel related products.  This does complicate what we can offer our members in terms of trip planning.  We focus on events and activities and the group experience while at a destination, but we are unable at this time (we're working to change that), actually package together trips for our members, as we'd have to then sell them, which requires us to be a Travel Agency (which we are not, yet anyway) according to Ontario law.

We instead let you know where we'll be, and when, so we can all meet up and have an amazing time together.

We also provide suggestions on where and how to book your travel and stay, but you are free to do this however you like.  We do work with partners to develop special discount rates and promo codes for members to book on their own, and while it helps us develop and build relationships with partners to serve you better, you are under no obligation to use any of the information we provide.