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Recent executive orders by President Donald Trump in the United States of America are being enforced strictly. Reports are coming out that some travellers are being denied entry or worse, being detained, when trying to enter the US. This includes some travellers with Green Cards and VISAs, including those who may be permanent residents of the USA who have travelled abroad and are trying to return home.

Please check your travel documents, confirm your ability to enter or re-enter the United States BEFORE travelling.

Whistler Pride & Ski Festival
Jan 22 – 29, 2017

It’s a Lifestyle

Skiing & Riding culture is all about community and enjoying your time out on the slopes together.

As part of the LGBT community, we have our own unique identity while also being part of the greater ski experience.

OUTSLOPES focuses on the the LGBT Ski Experience, with our network of local member clubs, a wide variety of ski festivals, keeping up to date on those pros brave enough to be out, and some just plain fun along the way.


Snow Porn

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