It's a Lifestyle

Skiing & Riding culture is all about community and enjoying your time out on the slopes together.

As part of the LGBT community, we have our own unique identity while also being part of the greater ski experience.

OUTSLOPES focuses on the the LGBT Ski Experience, with our network of local member clubs, a wide variety of ski festivals, keeping up to date on those pros brave enough to be out, and some just plain fun along the way.



Get OUT on the Slopes

LGBT Ski & Snowboard Experiences



Experience the World

Join other members for trips to resorts around the world


Weekend Warrior

Join local clubs to for regular trips to slopes near you


Making Friends

Local clubs host regular socials & dinners

Be Part of Something Bigger

Around the world, or right near home, join with others for a great time on the slopes.

As part of the LGBT community, we have our own unique identity while also being part of the greater ski experience.

As an OUTSLOPES member, no matter where you are, you'll be part of a group of like-minded people, and have friends to shred and be social with.




Ski Local & World-Wide

Between our local club network, and Out-Of-Town Trips, we ski/ride all over the world


It's About Going Down

Highly experienced or total beginner, it's about being OUT on the slopes, not how good you are.


Find A Club Near You

With an ever-grown network of local clubs, connect with other Skiers & Riders near you and build new friendships.



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WATCH: Gus Trains in Austria

Our favourite (ok only) out pro skier is training for the upcoming competition season with his USA […]

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